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finding, collecting, modifying objects (by defacing them, for instance) and archiving them are all central aspects of my practice. finding, in particular, directly informs and dictates the type of work that I produce since nearly all the raw materials I use are found on the street.

collaging found objects, subsequently, has also been a reoccurrence so far, and artists like Hannah Höch, John Heartfield, Linder Sterling and John Stezaker have been significant influences, not only because of the way in which their pieces are technically executed (photomontages, the juxtaposition of a limited number of images or their use of negative space, etc.) but also for its social importance given the subject matter they approach, like the objectification of the female body as highlighted in the collages of Höch and Sterling, or the political critique characteristic of Heartfield’s anti-Nazi imagery.

the relevance of these themes, in relation to my own work, stems from my own desire to use my voice as an artist hoping to effect social change by bringing awareness to issues that are pertinent to me personally, like for example the struggle for equality in the LGBT+ community.

self-publication (zines, posters, memes, etc.) also plays an important role in my work and I have drawn inspiration from historical elements like the underground Samizdat phenomenon during the U.S.S.R. era as well as the DIY zine culture of the seventies punk movement, both characterised by the publication and spreading of information in an illicit fashion.



– “art gala ’18” fundraiser for CHAMOS, maddox arts, london, may 2018

– barcú art fair, la novena art house, bogota, october 2017

– “altered realities”, lethaby gallery, london, february 2017

– “intersection”, mial independent exhibition, hoxton arches, london, april 2016

– “look at #me”, studio b, de beauvoir, london, december 2015

“art exhibition LIVE!”, periscope, july 2015

“art in the house: juan mateus”, art house crouch end, march 2015

– “work in progress“,studio b, de beauvoir, london, november 2014

– more guys hanging, the strand gallery, london, june 2011

“so soho”, first out, london, march 2011



– the crossing, 2017

mial a/w 15 collection

radio interview for la m radio (spanish), 2013

“photography with an oliver twist”, birdsontheblog, february 2012

– “found” mono.zine third issue, july 2011

“images: cameraphone?” picturesmusic.co.uk, july 2010


e: info@juanmateus.com | m: (+44)7801962218